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The Kolibri EVO in Nepal

The Kolibri EVO in Nepal

Team pilot and travel photographer for National Geographic Expeditions, Max SEIGAL tells us about his latest trip to Nepal, for which he chose to equip himself with the Kolibri EVO.The new Kolibri EVO - the queen of flight-bivouacAs far back as I can remember, the Kolibri EVO has been...

PWC Colombia 2022

PWC Colombia 2022

The World Cup first ventured to Roldanillo in 2011, with riders from 28 countries competing. It was so successful that 2 superfinals were held there in 2013 and 2018. We return in 2022 with riders from 33 different countries,...

PWC Brazil Baixo Guandu 2022 - March 26 to April 2

PWC Brazil Baixo Guandu 2022 - March 26 to April 2

The first competition to be cancelled when the world went to sleep in 2020 was the Baixo Guandu Super Final. For many, it was therefore essential to return once the sun returned to the beautiful country of Brazil. Baixo Guandu evokes the memory of...

Mathéo on reconnaissance in Langtang

Mathéo on reconnaissance in Langtang

 Nepal, October 2021 With Tom Lafaille we left from October 2nd to 18th in the Langtang region of Nepal. Our objective was to explore the place in view of future expeditions, especially on the...

Why I chose the Kliff 2 ...

Why I chose the Kliff 2 ...

David GOETTLER, professional mountaineer and "The North Face" athlete, tells us about his history with paragliding and why he chose the Kliff II. "Back in the air! I started paragliding in 1994, at the age of 16. I was fascinated by the idea of being able to...

My last Red Bull X-Alps ...

My last Red Bull X-Alps ...

Gavin Mc CLURG, Team Kortel pilot, tells us about his X-Alps 2021On the morning of May 31st, just two and a half weeks before the Red Bull X-Alps prologue, I had my first serious accident in over 15 years of flying. I was on the second day of a solo bivouac flight...

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2 days ago
Kortel Design

Summer Flight Route
Join us on 21 and 22 May in the Larboust valley (Pyrenees) with our friends from Soaring.
You will be able to test our entire range in the gantry and in flight, and choose your future harness.
More info on the Soaring website (, or by contacting us directly at .

We look forward to seeing you!

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2 days ago
Kortel Design

At Kortel Design, we are lucky to have a great team of pilot ambassadors!
We present them to you, and this week it's ... Michelle Haerty .
Find them all on our website

At Kortel Design, we are lucky to have a great team of pilot-ambassadors!
Let's meet them...
We introduce them to you, and this week it's ... Marion HAERTY.
Find them all on our website

Mathis Dumas - Photography

"What does paragliding mean to you?"
It's a way to see the mountains differently. As a snowboarder, I like to be able to look at the faces of the sky and imagine the lines to get down them.

"What's a good day of paragliding to you?"
A day where I share the sky with a bunch of friends, aerological conditions not too brutal in thermals, but enough to have the feeling of surfing the air mass, to finish with a little coffee in the sun.

"Your most outstanding achievement(s) / results?"
Probably my take off from the top of the Mont Blanc, it sounds like a cliché but I was so happy to be able to admire the earth from so high! The discovery of the Dune du Pilat really made me fall in love with soaring.

"The ultimate dream?"
Flying a paraglider in Nepal and seeing the Himalayan mountains from my harness!

"In your practice, how important is your harness?"
Comfort but also safety, I remain in a "pleasure" perspective where I don't want to injure myself before the most important season for me: winter.

"How do you imagine the perfect harness?"
Light, comfortable and why not also aesthetic.

"What are your goals/projects for the upcoming season?"
Always progressing and learning more about this wonderful sport, I really want to spend more time in thermals. We're a great bunch of motivated girls around Passy!

"Any other personal projects?"
To finish the construction of my future house (!), but also to train in other sports such as microlighting.

"What do you do when you are not flying?"
Puzzles, reading, drawing, but also other sports such as cycling, climbing, canyoning or skateboarding.

"Anything to add?"
Thank you Kortel Design for your support and trust.
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1 week ago

[Video] Sailing/catamaran in Brittany while eating almost exclusively "freegan" (supermarket leftovers), that's what Olivier Peyre (En Route Avec Aile - Fly'n'Roll) and the other friends Vince, Nad, and Julien.

A good laugh that we hope will make you smile!

Thanks to Ribs, Crosscall And Kortel Design !

#bretagne # paragliding #freegan
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1 week ago
Erwan Didriche

Pre PWC Pegalajar round 1 and 2.

A short summary of the first two rounds and it's 70 and 125 km yesterday.
The first run was not easy because a big cloud veil calmed the convection, it was not very high. It was strange when 2 days in training, we were landed at the sea through the Sierra Nevada perched at 3400m. So here it's not like that at all...
After a shitty start where I struggle to get out, I manage to get into a good position and come back quickly on the group that I can even control. Offensively I move forward regularly and take the flat option, nothing happens for almost 10km and when at 300m I hit a mess, I turn around and.... No one left 😳😳😳!!! Damn I'm looking for the group and in my back they spun instead on the small reliefs 😤 and it's more comfortable. 4 sails with me, we galley, we turn, we turn, it goes down almost to 200m ground then it goes up a little, I take advantage of it to advance on 6/7 km then under the group of head but on the ground again, I find a shit, 2 sails pose, I turn, the group leaves 😤 me I turn... It starts to climb a bit better, I decide to keep it up and I take the head out again at 2000m. There I see that the group has gone to the right and that it's not great, we're all on the plain this time. I go for the line and I catch up with the group 😁 that's it, I'm back in the race, I take the offensive towards the goal, we're fine but I hadn't seen that a small group had gone on longer on the small hills and they pass us on the goal coming from our faster right. Conclusion 15th...

Round 2, 125km.
Here we are better, 3200m ceiling and a plain that will become beautiful with all these clouds. Happy with my flight despite my 8th place because I was always on the attack, just 15km from the goal, a small group behind us shifted on our line and were satellised while we had to turn longer. Too bad for us but happy anyway.

7th overall, 2 rounds to go but windy conditions are forecast so it remains to be seen if we can play... 😅

Otherwise very proud and happy of my youngsters, they fly very well and become very worrying 😅😅😅 for the future. To be continued but it's promising !!!

Niviuk Paragliders
Kortel Design
Le Choucas Club De Mieussy
Airone Paragliding
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