A Plea for Refuge - The film ...

We are very proud to present the film, A Plea For Refuge, which will premiere at the Banff Mountain Film Festival on November 2nd.
Jeff Shapiro and Cody Tuttle, both members of Team Kortel, traveled to one of the last remaining wilderness areas on the North American continent, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which is still in its natural state and truly untouched by human intervention.
In 1987, 1.56 million acres of coastal plain, ANWR Section 1002, were designated for potential oil and gas exploration. In August, plans were approved to sell the leases on this section of ANWR. This will threaten animal species, a fragile landscape due to climate change, the birthplaces of the Porcupine caribou herd, and affect the indigenous cultures of the Gwich'in and Iñupiaq peoples of Canada and northern Arctic Alaska. While also altering one of the last pristine public lands in North America.
To learn more and help fight and protect ANWR, as well as find information on screenings of the film, visit www.apleaforrefuge.com

Movie synopsis:

Two adventurer friends, Jeff Shapiro and Cody Tuttle, have a vision to travel through one of the last wilderness areas of the North American continent, in its raw and truly unspoiled state. By attempting to paraglide through the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, located in the eastern part of the Brooks Range in Alaska, north of the Arctic Circle, they gain a necessary and visceral connection to the importance of fiercely protecting its nature. As the adventure unfolds, their views on friendship, risk and the importance of the word "wilderness" evolve, creating memories for a lifetime; lives that are not only limited, but deserve to be shared through those memories if this special landscape is to be maintained as it is for generations to come.