All our harnesses are subject to the legal warranty period of 2 years.

If you find a defect, please contact the after-sales service (form at the bottom of the page), describing the problem and adding a few photos if possible. We will quickly analyse the situation and advise you on how to proceed.

Beyond this legal 2-year warranty period, we will only carry out free of charge repairs that prove to be a genuine manufacturing or design defect.

The life span of your harness depends on the frequency and type of use. Mechanical stress and friction gradually degrade the properties. UV rays and humidity can also cause accelerated ageing.

Normal period of use: 10 years.
Caution: This duration of use is indicative. A harness can be destroyed the first time it is used. It is the bi-annual inspection that determines whether the product must be disposed of more quickly. Between In all applications, proper storage is essential.
The period of use should never exceed 10 years.

Maintenance, care and repairs

General care :
We recommend a complete visual inspection of the harness at least every 2 years. An annual check-up is preferable.
For the reserve parachute, refer to the manufacturer's recommendations. In general, it is recommended to ventilate it and to fold it up once or twice a year.
As a minimum, we recommend testing the rescue container twice a year to ensure that it is working properly, by carrying out an extraction test on a gantry crane.

Repairs, manufacturing defects, wear and tear:
In the event of wear and tears, broken seams or material problems, please contact us (form at the bottom of the page) indicating the harness model, serial number, nature of the problem and the circumstances, and attach a few photos to help us to determine the cause of the problem and investigate the other harnesses in the series. Beyond the legal 2 year warranty period, we will only provide free insurance for repairs that prove to be a genuine manufacturing or design defect.

Revisions :
Even though incidents related to the ageing of harnesses are almost non-existent, it is important to check that the critical points remain in a good condition. UV, humidity, abrasion, alter the materials used.
We are not immune to premature ageing due to defective material.
We advise you to have your harness visually checked every two years depending on your use, especially if you land in trees, rocks, or even if the fire brigade intervenes. Contact your dealer who will be able to carry out an initial inspection, or contact us (form at the bottom of the page).

Storage :
The ideal storage location is a dry, temperate place, away from light. Avoid compressing the back protector.
Take care not to bend parts of the harness that contain foam or plates.

Washing :
You can wash your harness with fresh water and mild soap and dry it in a dry, airy place. Remember to remove the back protector (foam) if possible.
Do not use a tumble dryer, and do not exceed 30°C for washing.
Rinse carefully and dry in a dry place avoiding unnecessary sunlight.
In case of water landing :
• In sea water: rinse your harness in fresh water before following the process described above.
• In fresh water, follow the washing process.

Environmentally responsible disposal :
Please ensure environmentally responsible disposal at the end of the operating period. We recommend separating the different elements (fabrics, plastics, metals, etc...) and depositing them for recycling according to their category. If you return the product to Kortel Design, we will be happy to ensure its correct disposal.

Service form

Do not send any material until you have filled in the following form and received feedback from the after-sales service on the instructions to follow

    All products sent for repair must be clean, especially cocoons which must be washed. We reserve the right not to carry out repairs on products that are not in an acceptable state of cleanliness OR to charge an additional washing fee.

    We ask that you remove the rescue parachute from the harness for shipping. If the rescue parachute has to be removed by us for repairs, it will be returned to you unassembled in the harness. We will be able to reassemble it in the workshop, but only after we have repacked it (at a cost).