K-Flex, the friend of the tandem pilot 🙂

You never have the right size harness for your passenger?
Do your students struggle with a harness that is too big or too small?
The K-Flex is THE solution!
Suitable for all body types, from 1.50m to 2m.
Multiple use : tandem passenger, training slope, first big flights, ...
Fully adjustable harness:

- Seat width

- Height of anchor points

- Back height

- Dorsal inclination

- Side handles for take-off assistance

- Removable cleaning cover.

- Non-forgettable safety chest strap

- Back pocket.

- Pre-formed airbag protection with 2 air intakes.

The K-Flex is equipped with a subcutaneous airbag that is particularly effective in the event of impact, thanks in particular to its unique valve system that deploys during the most severe impacts.
The deployment of this valve on the outside of the airbag optimizes the shock absorption of the impact.
If the valve is removed, simply reposition it inside the airbag as explained in the manual, possibly using the zipped opening which must be closed before using the harness again.

Type of Practice


Non-forgettable safety chest strap

Non-forgettable safety chest strap

Once the chest strap is locked, it is impossible to fall out of the harness.
Actioncam holder

Actioncam holder

Anchor points adjustable in height.

Anchor points adjustable in height.

Krashbox Valve

Krashbox Valve

Exclusive system for improving the performance of the small Krashbox volume, specific to the K-Flex.
Support Handle

Support Handle

Two special side-handles to to assist in strong wind takeoffs, or to improve the standing to seating transition
Adjustable seatplate width

Adjustable seatplate width

Self-locking carabiners

Self-locking carabiners

40mm self locking carabiners sold as standard


Quick Guide

CE certificate


CE conformity

The life span of your harness depends on the frequency and type of use. Mechanical stress and friction gradually degrade the properties. UV rays and humidity can also cause accelerated aging.

Normal duration of use: 10 years.
Warning: This period of use is indicative. A fifth wheel can be destroyed at its first use. A check every 2 years will determine if the product should be disposed of sooner. Between uses, proper storage is essential.

The time of use should never exceed 10 years.