Not just another anti-G on the market.
The Kortel drag chute features a projected area of 1.6m² and a diameter of approximately 145cm.
It is the largest drag chute available on the market today, for greater efficiency in fast descent maneuvers.
But above all, it has two power positions, allowing it to manage several planes of finesse in a straight line, in order to manage the proximity of an aerial surface or the ceiling while continuing to run.
An exclusive hollow swivel limits the effects of any rotation and maintains good sink and recovery characteristics, even after prolonged use.
Weighing only 470g, it has been specially developed for the Kanibal Race 2, with its central attachment. This attachment improves the feeling once the drag chute is deployed, stabilizing the harness on the lace and avoiding the jerks generated by a link attachment.

As an indication, at 4G, we reached 12m/s drop rate without the drag-chute, and 20m/s with the drag chute deployed. It therefore allows a significant gain without having to withstand more G's.

(Indicative values, may vary depending on the wing used and the temperature and pressure conditions).


Projected surface area: 1.6m².

Diameter: 145cm


Weight: 470g