Flying ... !

At KORTEL DESIGN, we share this dream with you! We are a French brand of paragliding harness and accessories, based in Sallanches at the foot of Mont Blanc. Our mission is to offer you the best paragliding equipment. Since 1999, we have been designing and developing products with the same attention to detail and functionality that have earned us a worldwide reputation.

Our design and development process is meticulous and performance-oriented. We strive to consider every detail and functionality to ensure the comfort, efficiency and innovation of our products. We leave nothing to chance and do everything we can to deliver superior products.

To offer you the best possible service, we work with a network of trained dealers who are there to help you find the product that best suits your practice. Our team of passionate people is always ready to help you. We are proud to offer you high-tech products, designed by and for happy paragliders! Join us and live the KORTEL DESIGN experience: unforgettable flights guaranteed! "

A brief history ...

Kortel Design is a paragliding equipment brand founded in the late 90s by Denis Cortella, a demanding pilot who decided to design and manufacture the product of his dreams himself. It all started in a small town in the commune of St-Gervais, at the foot of Mont Blanc, where Denis transformed his living room into a sewing room to sew the straps and prototypes of his future products. The kitchen of the apartment became the gathering point for all the friends who came to discuss, lend a hand and place an order for their future harness.

Over the years, Kortel Design has become a well-known company in the paragliding market, thanks to its technical know-how and its ability to surprise. The brand has launched several innovative and atypical products such as the K1 at the beginning, and more recently the Kanibal Race, which has been the reference in the world of competition, or the Karver, which has shaken up preconceived ideas by being the first shoulderless harness.
Kortel Design has also developed a complete range of peripheral products to increase the safety of pilots and provide them with an unforgettable flying experience.

In addition to its technical performance, Kortel Design is committed to sustainability and product quality. The brand uses high-quality materials to ensure that you enjoy its products for a long time, and works closely with its suppliers to ensure that its products are manufactured in a responsible and respectful manner.

Today, Kortel Design is an internationally recognized brand with distributors spanning 80 countries. Thanks to its know-how and constant innovations, Kortel Design has become a reference for demanding paraglider pilots around the world.

Why the harness ?

Paragliding is often associated with a wing and a pilot suspended underneath, but it is just as important to have a quality harness. Indeed, the harness is the interface between the pilot and the glider, it allows to feel the air mass and improve the flying experience. At Kortel Design, we have decided to focus on developing quality harnesses, as we believe they have great potential to enhance the paragliding experience. We have therefore put considerable effort into this direction.

"Since its debut in 1999, Kortel Design has made it its mission to innovate in the design of harnesses. With its experience and passion for innovation, the company has developed a range of unique and original harnesses, known for their innovative geometry, superior quality materials, clever accessories and precise adjustments. The company allows for imagination and experimentation, never discarding any idea, no matter how far-fetched, until it has been proven unviable. Each Kortel Design harness is the result of years of research and development, resulting in the development of unique technologies and the selection of the best materials to meet the needs of pilots of all levels.

And beyond ?

Kortel Design will continue to work on new technological solutions to bring you even more unique and powerful products. We look forward to presenting you with the innovations we have in store for the years to come.