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Sak tandem II


The Sak tandem II is the latest evolution of the tandem bag  that  Kortel Design created many years ago.


Improved carrying capacity compared to the previous version.
Ergonomic shoulders straps.
2 side carrying handles.
Large abdominal strap. Chest strap adjustable in height.
Allows you to store the glider bunched up and close the bag with a single strap.
Maintain the bag on the ground with your foot for easier closure.
The storage capacity is enough to store the tandem glider, the pilot harness with its rescue, both helmets, as well as the passenger harness.
2 transverse compression straps with metal buckles.
Tunnel pocket for storing the pole and the camera.
Transparent pocket for the bag ID card.
Small wallet pocket.


Capacity: 200 liters

Weight: 1.5 kg