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World Record of altitude by Antoine Girard


I made a journey of 19 days and 1260km in flight Bivouac paragliding in solitary in the Pakistani Himalayas.

Despite a capricious weather the trip was marked by several highlights:

          Crossed the plateau of the Dedurst by flying. A wild plateau in 5000m without any real relief

          Bypass of the Nangt Parbat (8126m) and passage through high passes

          A flight of 150km along the Biafo Glacier and Hisper between Karimabad and Payu. Passage through the foot of the Spantik (Golden Peak, 7027m) and glacier 60km crossed

          A flight of 120km including 60km over the Baltoro Glacier

          The overview of the Broad Peak (8 051m) and the ascent to 8157m!

          A 248km flight that is the record of distance flight from Pakistan


The most striking fact and the rise to more than 8100m and the overview of the Broad Peak (8 051m) is a world premiere. After many tries the world of paragliding it is long questioned about the real possibility to climb above 8, 000m with an air lift too low.

We now know that it is possible.