Team competition

Erwan was born on August 12, 1976 in Haute Savoie. He has been flying since 1989 with a passion just as "passionate" as ever. Graduated with a bachelor degree in geography in land planning, he instead chose to share his flying experience by becoming a paragliding instructor. Today he specializes in cross-country training courses, competition preparation and is a coach for the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes league team.

His top passions are paragliding, obviously, and motorcycling. Motorcycling to discover new roads but especially the unbeaten paths in remote parts of Morocco, Spain,... and new flying spots.

Knowing how to guide pilots to the right equipment is an activity that Erwan particularly enjoys with his students and the pilots who are close to him.

In terms of his track records, he hasn't competed in a while, but has been back in the competition arena for 4 years and is slowly climbing back towards the highest level:

  • Nordic Champion in 2005 and Vice Champion in 2006
  • Vice Champion at the Kiwi Open 2006
  • Vice Team World Champion 2007
  • French Sport Champion in 2019
  • 17th at the PWC China 2020
  • 5th at the 2020 Reunion open fai2
  • 10th in the fai2 of Tenerife

How long have you been flying?

I made my first solo flight on October 31, 1989, and I haven't stopped since !!!

Your harness?

For competition and training, I have the new Kanibal Race II. For the Rando flight, I use the Kliff II.

Why Kortel Design?

A brand of the Haute Savoie (74), adorable people and passionate about their know-how for equipment at the cutting edge of technology and optimized for each pilot in his specialized flight domain.

Your best flight?

The last heat of the World Championship in Australia in 2007. It was the consecration of a team work where everyone was able to give the best and offer two beautiful silver medals to France.

Any plans?

Absolutely!!! to return to the highest level of the competition and maybe have the chance to repeat a World Championship which was such an extraordinary experience.