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Kliff II, a second skin


The Kliff II is the reference mountain harnesses, and integrates the 3D molded geometry!

This technology offers unparalleled comfort for such a lightweight harness. It is also the only harness which can be connected directly to the wing without carabiners!

It is also equipped with the exclusive "Konnect" loop system.


Type of Practice


Detachable leg straps

Detachable leg straps

Groundbreaking buckle, lightweight, simple and safe.
Dyneema construction

Dyneema construction

The tensile strength of steel yet eight times lighter.
Integrated connector

Integrated connector

Revolutionary integrated connector system! No more carabiners needed.


Lightweight speedbar

Lightweight speedbar

Double stage lightweight speed bar.
Front rescue kontainer

Front rescue kontainer

Option for a front facing rescue pod.


 Weight of the Harnesses

Size S: 185g

Size M: 190g

Size L: 195g

Size XL: 200g



4 sizes are available:

Up to 170 cm, size S

From 168 to 180 cm, size M

From 180 to 195cm, size L

Beyond 190cm, size XL


Quick Guide


This harness has been designed for mountain use. The use of lightweight materials requires the utmost care on the part of the user to preserve the integrity of the product.

The life of your harness depends on how often and how it is used. Mechanical stress and friction gradually degrade the properties. U.V. rays and humidity can also lead to accelerated ageing.

Normal period of use: 10 years.
Caution: This duration of use is indicative. A harness can be destroyed the first time it is used. A check every 2 years will determine whether the product should be disposed of more quickly. Between uses, proper storage is essential.

The operating time should never exceed 10 years.