Pre-World Cup in Ager (Spain) - 01-07/08/2020

From August 1 to 7, the pre-world cup was held in Ager, Spain.

It was an opportunity for many drivers to get back to high-level competition after the troubled period we have experienced, which prevented all the competitions from taking place at the beginning of the season.

The French pilots were numerous on this competition, before the first stage of the world cup which will take place in Disentis (Switzerland) from August 16 to 22. And Team Kortel was well represented, with Baptiste LAMBERT, Rémi BOURDELLE, Pierre REMY, and Arthur MOINDROT.

Six rounds were run, to crown Baptiste Lambert who was, by all accounts, masterful in regularity!

Team Kortel is well represented on the podium, as Pierre REMY takes second place behind Baptiste.