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Baptiste LAMBERT

Baptiste LAMBERT

Team competition

Baptiste is 23 years old and a student in Grenoble.
After hundreds of hours of tandem flying with his parents, he started flying alone at the age of 11 and flies solo soon after that. But it's not just paragliding: kitesurfing, and he just started acrobatics (OK, it's still paragliding...).

In 2015, he claims the "Reunion" champtionship. He then moved to Grenoble, giving him access to the international circuit:
1st at the Belgium open in 2016, 10th in the World Cup (Serbia) in 2017, winner of the pre World Cup at Reunion and 20th in the Superfinals in 2018...  He is also quite involved in the Federal distance Cup.

How long have you been flying?

I fly alone since I was 11 years old (2007), but I flew tandem with my dad at age 5.

Your harness?

I fly with the Kanibal Race II since the 2018 Superfinal. It is a harness unrivalled in terms of comfort and efficiency. It offers innovations that give me a definite edge in flight (ABS, adjustable poles...). 

Why Kortel design?

Performance, comfort, innovation, durability... the Kortel design team takes the time to finish its products, which is felt in my experience with my harness.

Your best flight?

I have a lot of beautiful memories in mind, from seaside flights to flights at 4000m in the snowy mountains.


Land a podium on a World Cup or a Superfinal, achieve a world record in round-trip, win the Federal distance Cup, a French Championship...