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Kuik II, a complete product line on its own!


The Kuik II is a modular harness with great freedom of configuration, from a mountain harness to a Kocon harness.

The Kuik II concept is thus almost a complete harness product line by itself.

The core harness itself benefits from the latest advances made by the team Kortel Design R&D in terms of ergonomics and pre-shaping of fabrics and foams.
The results are stunning :

Pilot's weight distribution over the largest surface, even in a thermaling position (tilter on its side) for optimum comfort.

Natural leg position, neither too spread-out nor too tight.

Easy to adjust.

Controlled leg autonomy.


This module makes your Kuik II suitable for hiking.
The rescue will have to be fitted in the frontal position (attachement to shoulders possible)

Assembly and installation: in Videos In Technical Support section

The backpack

The backpack is provided with a specific compression bag  to store the glider in the correct shape.

The combination of this compression bag and the backpack position of this module makes the carrying experience very good, akin to that of a real mountain backpack.

In the backpack position, a top flap is located in the upper part, to fit your accessories, wallets and other small items you wish to bring .

The airbag

In airbag position, you find yourself with a true dorsal protection covering the entire surface of the harness at maximum thickness.
The top flap of the backpack now becomes an internal storage pocket, which allows you to store all your gear without interfering with airbag functionnality, in particular the inflation of the upper pocket.

Type of Practice


This module adds a back pocket and a basic  17cm-thick foam-type protection  (LTF-certified) to your Kuik II.
Ideal for ground-handling or waggas sessions near the ground.
This is the module brings the Kuik II closest to the original that Kuik harness in terms of functionality.

Assembly and installation: in Videos In Technical Support section

Type of Practice


This module transforms your Kuik II into the equivalent of a Karma II, but without the seatplate.

Assembly and installation: in Videos In Technical Support section

You will find the same Krashbox system, a permanent airbag, pre-inflated by a foam structure for the effectiveness of the dorsal protection right out of the bag.
The airbag remains large (and therefore efficient) to the top of your back.
The rescue pocket is  located at the bottom of the harness .
Lateral Protection of the materials against the rubbing of the  speed-bar string.
Footrest equipped with the release system for the rescue extraction.

Type of Practice

The Kuik II becomes a might cross-country  and Bivouac flight tool. This module is actually composed of two parts:


  • A high profile trim part, with a storage pocket, a combined foam/airbag back protector covering the entire surface of the backrest.
  • a Kocon part, which can be fitted in two minutes, with a rescue pocket in the frontal position, to complete the aerodynamic form of the harness, to improve comfort and its  piloting precision.

The Kocon module has two storage pockets. One in the back, and another under the pilot's thighs, at the front of the dorsal protection.
As a result, storage volume is significant, and above all, balanced. The flight position is not affected by a large load in the back.
Even better, the foam protection section is accessible by a zipper, and during the crash test, we replaced it with different sleeping bag models: all the tests have largely remained within the limits of the LTF certification!
With this module, The Kuik II equipped becomes a very powerful bivouac flight tool.



Type of Practice


 Weight of the Harnesses

Element Size Mass (kg) Comes with (kg) TOTAL (kg)
Chassis Kuik II (Basic) S 1.5 Carabiners 40mm + footrest + Speed-bar: 0.34 1.84
Chassis Kuik II (Basic) M 1.63 Carabiners 40mm + footrest + Speed-bar: 0.34 1.97
Chassis Kuik II (Basic) L 1.75 Carabiners 40mm + footrest + Speed-bar: 0.34 2.09
Reversible Airbag Module 1.90   1.90
Krashbox Module SM 1.9   1.9
Krashbox Module ML 1.95   1.95
Foam Module 1.35   1.35
Kocon Module S 1.95   1.95
Kocon Module M 2.6   2.6
Kocon Module L 2.7   2.7

CE/EN 1651/12491 approval



3 sizes are available:

Up to 168 cm, size S

From 165 to 183 cm, size M

From 180 to 194cm, size L


Quick Guide Kuik II

Quick Guide Kuik II Sak

Quick Guide Kuik II Kocon

Quick Guide Kuik II Krashbox

Quick Guide Kuik II foam

CE certificate Kocon module

CE certificate Krashbox module

CE certificate Module Sak

CE certificate Foam bag module

The life of your harness depends on how often and how it is used. Mechanical stress and friction gradually degrade the properties. U.V. rays and humidity can also lead to accelerated ageing.

Normal period of use: 10 years.
Caution: This duration of use is indicative. A harness can be destroyed the first time it is used. A check every 2 years will determine whether the product should be disposed of more quickly. Between uses, proper storage is essential.

The operating time should never exceed 10 years.