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Team competition

Yaël was born and raised in Verbier, one of the cradles of free flight. As a child, always in the moonlight and rather a stuntwoman, she grew up skiing, cycling, skateboarding, and later climbing and mountaineering. She has been fascinated by flying since she was very young, from Picard's round-the-world balloon flight, which fascinated her, to the helicopter, and finally paragliding. 

Yaël obtained his certificate in 2010 and then it all happened very quickly: speedriding qualification, two-seater and then instructor in 2015. She started competing that same year, with the aim of learning to fly faster. From the very beginning, she obtained good results at the women's level and continues to progress to reach top 30 overall. And the good news is that she still has some great ways to progress!

How long have you been flying?


Your harness?

Until the end of 2020, a competition harness that goes quite well, but at 950h, it was time for renewal and so I acquire a Kanibal Race II eat them all...

Why Kortel design?

To take good care of my skin! All kidding aside, I wanted to change. I noticed that on the glides, it seemed to be efficient. So I could try it in flight and I was bluffed by the comfort. I can't wait to spend 12 hours in this deckchair!

Your best flight?

Landing at the summit of Mont Blanc in 2012, this flight and these magical moments remain engraved in my memory!


Probably the biggest I've ever had, the Red Bull X-alps in 2021...