Team competition

At the age of 20. Romain Paul is a young outdoor photographer from the Chamonix Mont-Blanc valley. Where he started mountaineering, paragliding, and extreme sports.

Based in the heart of the highest mountains in France, it is in his "garden" that he practices all these sports on a daily basis. From mountaineering to paragliding, freeride skiing, climbing.

A true Swiss Army Knife of the High Mountains, Paul specialized in ice climbing as a child. International competitions at the most difficult face of the Mont-Blanc massif.

Mountaineer, Pilot, Photographer, Influencer on the networks.

Paul is also passionate about images, he loves using his camera in extremely risky places. This is what led him to be followed by thousands of people, especially on Instragram.

He recently created Mountain Media House, which he is developing as a communication and audiovisual production agency.

How long have you been flying?

I started paragliding on my 18th birthday, it was my birthday present. I started with an internship and then I never stopped, now I try to train every day for my future projects.

Your harness?

I really like the kliff 2 for para-mountaineering suits. The minimal space requirement and its weight made me choose this harness. Otherwise for everything else I like the Kolibri which is what I'm looking for in terms of lightweight comfort

Why Kortel design?

 I don't really have a very precise answer, I think it came naturally with their finishing qualities and their philosophy. This corresponds to my expectations 100%.

Your best flight?

Taking off from the Fletschhorn, probably my most beautiful flight but also my most stressful, it is in these moments that you feel very small. Souvenir shared with a member of the Team: Remi.


Many projects with my paraglider that are maturing, para-alpinism combinations that for the moment remain in a corner of my head.