Team adventure

Fairly quickly, Kortel design has helped him in his projects, however wacky they may have been.

Born in 1992 in Gap, he grew up in Barcelonnette (small village of the Alpes de Haute Provence): the kind of place where either you become an athlete or you become alcoholic.

Born to a ski-instructor mom and ski-coach dad, he obviously started skiing.

But he also enjoyed multi-disciplinary facets . He touched at all sport activities, and ended up sticking with paragliding, which that he discovered at 14 years along with a career of alpine skiing.

He quickly fell in love with paragliding and he started travelling when he turned 18.

Bivouac flight caught his attention. He crossed the Moroccan Atlas in Tandem with a buddy in 2011, and the American Rockies in 2014 with Thomas Punty (his cousin).  In parallel he was competing in the PWCA World Cup. In 2015, his application for the Xalps was validated and enabled him to carry out this major race in 2015 and 2017. A nice life experience and powerful learning experience at a personal and technical level.

He is also a paragliding instructor since 2014, which allows him to share his passion.

In the future he would like take part in the Xalps again, and still has several projects of bivouac flight in barely explored places like Siberia and Northern Europe.

He likes to fly in completely random places, where the idea of a wing would not cross a sane person's mind...

How long have you been flying?

I've been flying since 2007.

Your harness?

I usually use a Kolibri or a Kolibri pro XAlps 2017.

Why Kortel Design?

I met Denis [Cortella] in South Africa in 2013 and immediately endorsed Kortel's philosophy. 

The company quickly supported my projects, and then Kortel sponsored me and helped me for my two Xalps. We exchanged a lot on harnesses I learned a lot of things ton harness development thanks to them.

Your best flight?

Memories, I have plenty and I hope to make more. Hard to tell my best flight, there were so many. But I would say that flying over the Rocky Mountains in the USA or the Alps during the Xalps were memorable memories.

Any plans?

Yes obviously I have plenty, I find new ones every month! Some are completely unachievable at the moment, but others are. 

I would like to return to bivouac flight in the next few years. And of course, take part in another Xalps soon.