Team adventure

"World champion freeride 2017, Vice World Champion 2018, again world champion in 2019. Marion is passionate about mountain sports and especially snowboarding, which she practises from her youngest age at the Chamrousse Club next to Grenoble.

For several years she was able to express herself at the World Championships, on the snowparks of the World Cup circuit in slopestyle.

From Alaska to Japan, she is now looking for the most beautiful lines to draw around the world for video projects with her sponsors or during competitions on the Freeride world tour. It has as its driving force the exploration of new horizons; to immerse themselves in new cultures, to surpass themselves but also to discover others and oneself. 

Freeride allowed him to go in symbiosis with the mountain to understand the elements that surround him. Leaving the beaten track and always looking for sensations of freedom, snowboarding leaves him an infinite field of creativity to live his next adventures.

Paragliding brings a complementarity in its meteorological analysis of the mountain and a logistical approach on the freeride face, in the near future, its projects turn to the use of paragliding sail in its backpack snowboard to move more easily but also to see the beauty of our planet seen from the sky. "

How long have you been flying?

I started with an internship at Prévol on St-Hilaire, the summer 2017 with Bibou and DAV '

Your harness?

Right now I'm flying with the Kruyer II

Why Kortel design?

I have been told a lot about this brand in positive, and to be able to commit to supporting a local brand makes sense.

Your best flight?

Fly the white Valley in the middle of winter, during the last lights of the day, a magical moment!


To be able to mix snowboarding and paragliding, to move from Valley to Valley.