Team competition

First flights before birth. Born of a mother physiotherapist and competition-paraglider, and a father instructor and competition-paraglider, Arthur started slope trainings at 3 years old with a wing made of two stitched wingtips and flying tandem with his parents.

As years go by, gymnastics, paragliding, downhill and cross-country skiing, first big flight at 10 years old, 1st cross country at 11 years old on the ridges of the Jura range or around the Lac d'Annecy.

At that time, gymnastics takes up a lot of room in his life, and in 2012 he joins the Lyon Pôle France de gymnastique until 2017 (5 years of high level sport, 6 medals on the French championships including 2 in individual and team gold, 2 years in the French espoir team).

In 2018 he refocuses on paragliding and after a few beautiful cross country flights on the ridge of the Jura range, he joins the Pôle espoir Vol Libre de Font-Romeu and continued his studies in STAPS at the same time. A successful first year and some good results (6th French Youth Championships and 15th at the Spanish Championships).

Lover of all outdoor sports, he practices telemark, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, climbing and sometimes running. And of course, always a little bit of gymnastics.

How long have you been flying?

For my age, I have been paragliding for a surprisingly long time:
- The school slope, when I was 3 years old with two stabylos sewn on
- And my first Grand Vol at 10 years old. My 1st cross country flight at 11 years old

Your harness?

Kannibal Race II, and a Karver.

Why Kortel Design?

After having had the opportunity to try the Kanibal Race II, I appreciated its comfort and stability, especially the additional stabilizer offered on this model.

Your best flight?

Surely the flight over the Mont-Blanc at more than 5440 meters with in bonus a tour of the Massif (70km) on June 26th 2019.
Or my 186 km cross country in the jura (even if I didn't manage to complete the triangle).

Any plans?

In CFD triangle of 200 km in the Jura, and results in competition to integrate the world cup.
Currently a video project that combines paragliding and downhill mountain biking.