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PWCA Disentis

Disentis Paragliding World Cup, from 16 to 22 August 2020.
Better late than not at all, the World Cup season will take off from Disentis on Sunday the 16th of August.
In Disentis the pilots will be flying in an area which is strongly influenced by valley winds and with very complex aerology. Often the style of flying can be quite close to the terrain with not a lot of thermalling going on. Those who do well will be the pilots who really understand how the air is moving on and around the mountains.
The event will bring together 14 Super Final, World Cup, World and Europe champions, all trying to prove that they have nothing to prove: Stefan WYSS, Torsten SIEGEL, Honorin HAMARD, Charles CAZAUX, Baptiste LAMBERT, Joachim OBERHAUSER, Michael SIGEL, Andreas MALECKI, Felix RODRIGUEZ, Stephan MORGENTHALER, Alfredo STUDER, Marco LITTAME, Michael KÜFFER and Luc ARMANT.
Hot on their fairings, almost a third of the pilots who will be competing have A’s!
Tougher still, 7 out of the 9 ladies competing have already won the ladies title: Laurie GENOVESE, Seiko FUKUOKA NAVILLE, Méryl DELFERRIERE, Silvia BUZZI FERRARIS, Constance METTETAL, Yael MARGELISCH and Emanuelle ZUFFEREY.
But above all, Disentis 2020 is going to be a fantastic get together of old friends, long standing rivals, new World Cup pilots and flying families. Fathers and sons will be competing against each other (Cyril and Baptiste LAMBERT/Koen and Aron MICHIELS). Brothers trying to beat brothers (Thomas and Nicolas DINH), sisters trying to beat brothers (Constance and Simon METTETAL). Famous couples Clement and Yael/Nanda and Hansjörg WALLISER will be in full on racing mode, desperate to get to goal first, knowing that last one home in any couple always has to do the washing up!
Disentis 2020 will also give pilots a glimpse of the Gin Boomerang RFC (Ready for Certification) glider being tested by Torsten SIEGEL.
Once again Kortel Design will be fielding one of the strongest teams in the competition: Andreas MALECKI, Baptiste LAMBERT, Rémi BOURDELLE and Laurie GENOVESE.
The only thing that none of them will be able to beat is, weather permitting, the stunning alpine scenery.
Whilst making the most of the only opportunity open to them so far this year, the World Cup is still really looking forward to being reunited with the rest of our flying family in some of their favourite worldwide locations as soon as possible.
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