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The next stage of the PWC 2019, paragliding World Cup will take place in the heart of Savoy in 2019!

From May 25th to June 1st, you will see the best world pilots!

The heart of Savoy gathers the best and most famous flying sites of all France. Nearby, Annecy and St Hilaire are legendary in the world of free flight. The mountains of the Bauges, Belledonne and the Chartreuse are dotted with rocky ridges, perfect for paragliding.
The pilots who participate in this competition have a phenomenal knowledge of how this region works, simply because it is one of their favorite playgrounds. Some of the pilots in this competition were flying here before the others were born, but the blood of young people should not be underestimated. Young or less young, male or female, nothing is safe to know who will win Coeur de Savoie 2019!
The first ten of the Edition Coeur de Savoie 2014 will again be in contention. Eight out of the top ten from 2017 and the first three ladies will face one more time. Nine of the top ten, including the first lady of the Super finale at baixo Guandu, participated.
Eighteen riders have already won a World Cup, four have won the Super finals, six have been world champions or Europe.
In the team competition of Coeur de Savoie in 2017, ozone and gin, after six rounds, obtained exactly the same score, proving the parity between the new Gin Boomerang 11 and the ozone Enzo 3, with this time five different gliders certified CCC: ozone Enzo 3 , Boomerang Gin 11, UP guru, flow spectra, NIVIUK Icepeak eVox.
Follow all the action on the PWCA application (which includes photos of the drivers), read the live reviews, and follow the drivers on track to see who will be the best riders in this incredible competition.

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