"Lost in Karakorum", winner of the Icares du Cinéma 2019

"Lost in Karakorum" ... retraces the 1500 km epic in bivouac flight realized in 2018 by Damien LACAZE and Antoine GIRARD (Team Kortel ambassadors), in the heart of the Himalayas and the Karakorum massifs. This trip is actually a prelude and an acclimatization to try to climb Spantik (7027m) from the nearest town, in two days, thanks to paragliders. Is it feasible? Will they succeed? You will discover it in this very beautiful film...

The Jury and the public of the Icares du cinéma 2019 were not mistaken, since this film was awarded the Grand Prix du Jury (Icare d'or), as well as the Prix du Jury.


You can already buy and download the film on Antoine's website.