Laetitia ROUX

Laetitia ROUX

Team adventure

She's a pure product of the High Alps! She grew up and still lives in Savines le lac, a small village next to the "Serre-Poncon" lake and surrounded by mountains where quality of life and outdoor sports go hand in hand. She learned to ski at the age of 2 with her father who passed on his love of effort and his passion for the mountains, snow and especially for cross-country skiing. She enjoys all speed and gliding sports. She began with alpine skiing competition and then turned into a high-level career in ski mountaineering. At the same time, she does a lot of road cycling, especially as part of her training, mountain biking, trail riding, climbing, mountaineering, but also water sports such as windsurfing or for the pleasure of wakeboarding. 

She is addicted to outdoor sports, adventure and thrills. She needs to be outdoors and is always interested, curious and excited to discover new disciplines, new landscapes and meet new people. 

She spent a lot of time training alone, focused on her performance. That is why today she has this desire to share her experience and passions. 

She discovered sky sports in 2016. Attracted by the soothing side of paragliding, she thought it would be good for her balance. Then, she discovered the Hike & Fly concept. What a thrill! It is really the discipline that motivates her today. To be able to climb the mountains in "light" mode and enjoy a peaceful descent flight.

How long have you been flying?

My first solo flight dates back in 2016, during an paragliding class in the Pyrenees

Your harness?

Kliff II and Kruyer III

Why Kortel Design?

Because I want to fly light and confident, and also because it is a French brand

Your best flight?

My first flight from the top of the Morgon peak because it's smack in front of my house! I flew over the lake before landing on the shore and it was my longest flight

Any plans?

I intend to improve my skills to be able to fly with my Run&Fly wing from the high peaks (4000m) and I am excited at the idea of putting myself some challenges of summits in "walk and flight" mode with Damien LACAZE, in our Hautes-Alpes and why not elsewhere...