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PWC Argentina - Loma Bola (Tucumán)


The Paragliding World Cup will be held from 9 to 16 November in Tucumán, Argentina.

The last World Cup in Loma Bola was held in 2007, so our return is long awaited with anticipation.

The takeoff is located in an east-facing mountain range with an elevation difference of 800 m above the plain. It is a perfect playground for paragliding, including mountain and plain flying. Pilots will be able to enjoy the view of the Yungas jungle, combined with sugar cane, lemon, strawberry and blueberry plantations.
People who live in the local villages are eager to see the sky painted with so many colorful gliders and we really hope they will enjoy the celebration in the sky.

Pilots will come from all over the world to participate in the competition, from Russia, Iceland, Japan and New Zealand. It will also be the first time a Costa Rican pilot will participate in the Paragliding World Cup, making it a truly global event.

Colourful pilots will compete, from the manufacturer of wooden sunglasses to those that fly from volcanoes over 6000 m in the Andes, and of course, the legendary Andy Hediger.

XAlps stars Gavin McClurg and Cody Mittanck will also be present.

To add to the suspense, it will be the last chance to reach the top 15 overall, the first three women and the winners of the events will be able to qualify for the 2019 Super Final, making this World Cup an event to watch very closely.

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Photo credit: Julian Cisterna