Tandem bag

Stopped Product

Allows you to store the glider in a ball and close the bag with three cords (plastic blockers)
The capacity of the bag allows you to store the bi, the pilot harness and its rescue, the two helmets, as well as the passenger harness if the latter does not have a foam bag.
Large external pocket for clothes.
Small coin pocket.
3 buckles for tightening.
Convertible into a small bag to put it on the back in flight.


Weight: 1.7kg

Volume: 200L


The life span of your harness depends on the frequency and type of use. Mechanical stress and friction gradually degrade the properties. UV rays and humidity can also cause accelerated ageing.

Normal duration of use: 10 years.
Warning: This period of use is indicative. A fifth wheel can be destroyed at its first use. A check every 2 years will determine if the product should be disposed of sooner. Between uses, proper storage is essential.

The time of use should never exceed 10 years.