Kruyer, flexibility!

Stopped Product

The Kruyeris the new light harness of the range.

The Kruyer is to our knowledge the first mountain harness with a modular concept: thanks to a system of removable reinforcements, you can adapt your harness to the intended flight in a flash.

For short flights with a lot of walking: minimum weight, reduced comfort. All reinforcements are removed. For longer flights, maximum comfort, higher weight with all reinforcements present. Despite the reduced weight compared to a Kairnthe comfort has not been sacrificed, the Kruyer is close to it in its "heavy" version.


Weight of the harnesses

The weights indicated agree with the links.

Size S: Mini 360g / Maxi 480g

Size M : Mini 375g / Maxi 500g

Size L : Mini 450g / Maxi 590g

Size XL : Mini 515g / Maxi 650g



4 sizes are available:

Up to 170 cm, size S

From 168 to 180 cm, size M

From 180 to 195cm, size L

Beyond 190cm, size XL



The life span of your harness depends on the frequency and type of use. Mechanical stress and friction gradually degrade the properties. UV rays and humidity can also cause accelerated ageing.

Normal duration of use: 10 years.
Warning: This period of use is indicative. A fifth wheel can be destroyed at its first use. A check every 2 years will determine if the product should be disposed of sooner. Between uses, proper storage is essential.

The time of use should never exceed 10 years.