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Krisis Ultra Light, compact and lightweight

With the Krisis Ultra light, Kortel Design offers the lightest and most compact reserve parachute. The ideal rescue that you won't even feel in your harness.

The EN 12491 certification guarantees a resistance in loading tests (both min and max weights are tested) after a 40-meter free fall, a stability that keeps the descente rate below 5.5 m/s, as well as excellent deployment times.

High tenacity NCV fabric 31 g/m2

Lines out of  3.1 mm polyamide.

Porcher Fabric 27 g.

Panel cutting with a plotter printer to ensure precision panel shape and assembly.

Lines cut automatically under tension to ensure a proper uniformity of their dimensions.

Automatic assembly and stiching

High Resistance Dyneema risers.

Its main advantages are:

Extremely light compared to other rescues on the market

Very fast Opening

Classic round shape with pull down apex for easy folding

High quality materials


Surface Area (m²) Mass (kg) Volume (cm3) Vertical speed Maximum Takeoff weight Certification
Krisis Ultra Light 80 20.6 0.95 2800 <5.5 m/s 80 kg EN 12491/LTF
Krisis Ultra Light 95 24.4 1.119 3300 <5.5 m/s 95 kg
Krisis Ultra Light 115 29 1.35 3500 <5.5 m/s 115 kg
Krisis Ultra Light Tandem 55.9 2.7 9400 <5.5 m/s 210 kg


Krisis Ultra Light Manual