Karma, Flying peacefully

Stopped Product

This harness has been developed for optimal comfort in positions ranging from sitting to semi-reclining. It is the worthy heir of its big sister the Kamasutra.
The ergonomics of the back has been particularly worked on, in order to have a perfect contact of the material in the back, while avoiding to stiffen the structure too much. As a result, the harness is very comfortable and follows the pilot's movements perfectly while remaining light.
It uses the two-point "V" anchorage system, with an integrated anti-forgetting system, with adjustable roll damping over a wide range.

Optional: Air Adjustable footrest, even efficient for turning.

All adjustments are accessible and maneuverable in the air.
Adjustable roll damping in the air and independent of the distance between the chest strap and the back.
In the back pocket, independent pocket for water bottle and/or radio.
Two external side pockets.
Direct access from the back pocket to the end of the shoulder to pass directly a drink tube and/or a radio cable.


Weight of the harnesses

The weights indicated agree with the links.

Size M : 4.6kg



3 sizes available:

up to 165 cm, size S

from 165 to 180 cm, size M

over 180cm, size L



The life span of your harness depends on the frequency and type of use. Mechanical stress and friction gradually degrade the properties. UV rays and humidity can also cause accelerated ageing.

Normal duration of use: 10 years.
Warning: This period of use is indicative. A fifth wheel can be destroyed at its first use. A check every 2 years will determine if the product should be disposed of sooner. Between uses, proper storage is essential.

The time of use should never exceed 10 years.