Rigid spacers

Lightweight rigid spacers, specifically designed to limit the distance between the pilot and the brake handles, especially on tandem paragliders with long risers (>30cm) or on harnesses with high attachment points.

Its inter-connected closed loop construction guarantees a high level of durability.


2 hanging heights

2 hanging heights

To optimize your passenger position according to his size
Reduced hanging height

Reduced hanging height

Ideal for harnesses with high anchor points, or tandem harnesses with long risers (15cm instead of 22cm usually)
Sheath for risers

Sheath for risers

Integrated reserver riser guide sheath


LTF Nfl II 91/09 approval

Max PTV : 240kg


480 grs the pair

(Comes with a pair of T-Bone XL for connecting the reserve parachute)



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