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Kortel Design is based in Sallanches, at the foot of Mont Blanc and a short distance from Chamonix.

Kortel Design was created in 1998 by Denis Cortella, three times French champion paraglider pilot. Thanks to the arrival in 2006 of Max Jeanpierre, second in the Paragliding World Championships overall in 2005, the range of products has been expanded to match to most paraglider pilot requirements.

Our objective is to develop top class paragliding equipment for all pilots; as well as equipment for other sports such as dog sledding and climbing, as well as various bags, saddlery and leather products. We also specialise in the modification and adaptation of products to suit individual specifications, as well as the repair of wings, risers and of course, harnesses.


  • 23 February – AustriAlpin Buckles

    The manufacturer of the Cobra buckle used on certain Kortel Design harnesses has released a safety notice for this buckle. AustriAlpin states that this issue affects a fraction of a percent of buckles produced, approximately 1 buckle in 2 (...)
  • 15 January – Kruyer II : New color !

    The Kruyer II will be now available in a new color ! This blue will replace yellow existing according to the stocks.
  • 23 December 2015 – Rescue handle safety notice.

    Further to the problem on the rescue handles of this beginning of year, we set up a number of additional controls at the level of the production. Unfortunately, it seems that some rescue handles can again present a similar defect. We invite all (...)
  • 11 September 2015 – 42nd edition of Coupe Icare !

    17th to 20th of September: Come and join us for the 42nd edition of this event, on the stand K2-3, for testing our complete range of products. You’ll be also able to meet Antoine Girard and Nelson de Freymann, competitors and finished of the (...)
  • 30 July 2015 – New Karbon ring

    The investment of the team R*D in projects such as the Kolibri PRO brought this one has to develop new technical solutions to relieve always more the equipment. The ring carbon is one of its... The Kolibri PRO harnesses which were used on X-Alps (...)

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