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Kortel Design is based in Sallanches, at the foot of Mont Blanc and a short distance from Chamonix.

Kortel Design was created in 1998 by Denis Cortella, three times French champion paraglider pilot. Thanks to the arrival in 2006 of Max Jeanpierre, second in the Paragliding World Championships overall in 2005, the range of products has been expanded to match to most paraglider pilot requirements.

Our objective is to develop top class paragliding equipment for all pilots; as well as equipment for other sports such as dog sledding and climbing, as well as various bags, saddlery and leather products. We also specialise in the modification and adaptation of products to suit individual specifications, as well as the repair of wings, risers and of course, harnesses.


  • 14 November – New : Kolibri backpack !

    Kolibri backpack The backpack by Kortel Design. The Kolibri has been designed for hike & fly and bivouac flight pilots, but one thing was missing : a good carrying backpack. here comes the Kolibri backpack which is equiped with all (...)
  • 31 October – Kolibri Pro contest

    For the Icare Cup, we made a radical version of the Kolibri, dedicated for the X-Alps race. Nelson Defreyman and Antoine Girard already chose it. Guess the total weight of the prototype precision in gram, and win a Kolibri bag (more info to (...)
  • 24 September – XRockies, the teaser !

  • 8 September – 2014 Coupe Icare

    Kortel Design will be present on this 41th Coupe Icare. Come and see us on stand K2-3-E3 Pavillon Barish, to share and discover our products. http://www.coupe-icare.org/
  • 4 September – Kolibri : Splice’s locking

    In the absence of tension in the splices of length’s settings of the Kolibri leg-pod, these can, in certain conditions, loosen and consequently modify the settings previously established. When this settings becomes too loose, the tension and the (...)

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