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Mathis DUMAS

Mathis DUMAS

Team adventure

Mathis Dumas is an athlete, photographer, high mountain guide known for his capability to capture extraordinary images while climbing and skiing in extremely risky environments.

He is based in Chamonix, in the French Alps.

Mathis climbs some of the toughest ice falls, North face and big wall in the Alps. Steep downhill skiing and paragliding are his daily activities.

Mathis has won photography awards from Maria Luisa, National Geographic and many others. His photos made the cover of GQ magazine and Montagne magazine among others. He has directed commercial film projects for various customers, including Red Bull, Petzl, the North Face, Salomon, National Geographic...

He has a various high altitude expedition projects which combine skiing, mountaineering and paragliding.

How long have you been flying?

Since 2016, which is quite recent.

Your harness?

Kolibri and prototype of Kliff II...

Why Kortel design?

The quality, the lightweight material without neglecting the comfort and safety 🙂

Your best flight?

Flight from a peak in Peru at close to 6000m altitude.


Stringing together Paragliding and mountaineering projects