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Kortel Design is based in Sallanches, at the foot of Mont Blanc and a short distance from Chamonix.

Kortel Design was created in 1998 by Denis Cortella, three times French champion paraglider pilot. Thanks to the arrival in 2006 of Max Jeanpierre, second in the Paragliding World Championships overall in 2005, the range of products has been expanded to match to most paraglider pilot requirements.

Our objective is to develop top class paragliding equipment for all pilots; as well as equipment for other sports such as dog sledding and climbing, as well as various bags, saddlery and leather products. We also specialise in the modification and adaptation of products to suit individual specifications, as well as the repair of wings, risers and of course, harnesses.


  • 17 September 2013 – Icare Cup 2013

    Join all the Kortel Design team in the Icare Cup, from 19 till 22 September 2013 ! http://www.coupe-icare.org/GB_plane...
  • 18 June 2013 – Kuik II Ultra Light

    After two years of development, our harness specifically designed for hike or fly competitions is finally ready to be marketed. The first prototype was extremely light, but too sensitive to pilot. Proto 2011 Last year’s prototype, much more (...)
  • 10 June 2013 – Kliff is coming !!!

    Kliff is coming !!! The Kliff is Kortel Design’s response to the specific problems posed by paralpanism. The relentless pursuit of weight gain incites too many pilots to neglect the safety of the “mountain” aspect of this activity by using their (...)
  • 7 May 2013 – SAFETY ALERT Kuik II

    We have recently discovered a potential random manufacturing default in our Kuik II models, it is nothing serious but it is necessary for you to inspect your harness to ensure that everything is in order. The problem observed is the following: (...)
  • 30 January 2013 – Superfinal 2012 Roldanillo, Colombie

    Congrats to Keiko Hiraki for her 3rd place to the Superfinal ! The Kortel team (Raul Penso, Julien Wirtz, Stéphane Drouin, Patricia Letona),spent a week climing in the ranking, for finally finishing at the at the 4th place. See you all during (...)

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