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Updated the Wednesday 1 October 2014

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1000km race across north Chile with François Ragolski and Martin Schricke

Two pilots will embark on an epic adventure: “The Chilean paragliding line”. They’ll cover 1,000km in their bid to hike and fly across the worlds driest desert. Starting in Copiapo, following the best line in order to reach Arica the extreme North of Chile

The team
Martin Schricke

Vice French champion in aerobatics synchro with François, Martin is a paragliding pioneer in northern Chile. He’s also a “multi disciplined” extreme sports athlete. Whether on land, in water or in the sky- always stunned people with his abilities. Francois-Ragolski-Oncall-

François Ragolski

Triple world-cup winner and current N°1 in aerobatics world ranking. François, he’s also well known in Chile. He holds the national record with a flight distance of 320km between Antofagasta and Iquique in northern Chile.Francois-Ragolski-Oncall-

Patty (Patricia Rojo) and Lorraine Humeau

The two women from the adventure. They take care of the ground support. Indispensable support to security. Water and food are very rare throughout their way in the desert. Their commitment makes from the impossible things something imaginable.

In November 2014 Martin and François will hike and fly across 1000km of remote dessert in the fastest possible time.They have already flown the last 500km in the past and they plan to do it again in less than 48h. The first 500km will be the real adventure for them.The idea is to make the trip in less than 10 days. so the dream to do it even faster is part of the adventure. They will keep permanent connection with the world by tracking on internet. As we never know how adventures will go they plan 1 month in Chile and 2 weeks for “The Chilean paragliding line” expedition.

For this adventures, François and Martin chose Kolibri harnesses, because of their excellent report weight/comfort, and of their big capacity to emport material and water during flight.


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