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Mounting the 10+7cm foam protector

Updated the Thursday 4 April 2013

As from 2011 the FAI has made obligatory the use of certified harnesses equipped with LTF certified back protection, or the equivalent, for all category 1 competitions (World Championships, European Championships). As all our harnesses are already EN certified, the question raised concerns back protectors.

For pilots who own LTF certified models (Kamasutra II, Kanibal II and Kanibal Race equipped with a 17cm mousse bag ) there is no problem, your harnesses are already compatible.

For pilots who own EN models (10cm or 14cm mousse bags), good news, we have just passed the LTF tests with a new concept of back protection. Consequently, you will not have to buy an entire new mousse bag, just a simple mini mousse bag that will be added to your current mousse bag.

PNG - 94.4 kb

You just need to insert this mini mousse bag in the cover containing your current back protector, and to attach it to the Velcro provided for this purpose.

This add-on concept has several advantages, compared to a one piece mousse bag of the same size:

  • Better shock absorption than a one piece protector of the same size due to the horizontal partitioning.
  • Flexibility and easier packing compared to a one piece protector of the same size.
  • Modularity, allowing you to choose the volume of the harness.
PNG - 126 kb
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