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Kuik: setting up the harness

Updated the Monday 16 November 2009

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 Comfort setting

  • Open all the trim straps, lumber, back angle and shoulders
  • On a harness rig sit in your harness
  • Adjust all the tension of the lombar and back angle triming, until you feel ok. For a paragliding use, it is recommanded to let the lumber trimming fully open, and fully closed for a speedriding use.
  • Close the upper horizontal shoulder strap.
  • Adjust the shoulder straps so there is just a little tension on your shoulders, but no tighter.

 Stability triming

  • You can play with the waist belt lenght, but its range of trimming is short.
  • Another way to set up the stability of your Kuik is to make slide the two cursors you’ll find after the automatic buckle. The more you make them slide to middle, the more you stabilize the harness and limit the independancy of the legs.
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