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Updated the Monday 28 October 2013

“Flexibility !”

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Kruyer is the new lightweight harness from Kortel Design.

Kruyer the most adaptable and the most comfortable mountain harness on the market today!
Kruyer is the first lightweight harness with a flexible concept:
The Kruyer has removable reinforcement panels that can be removed in a moment: ideal for short flights after a long walk in the mountains. When removed the weight is reduced.

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For long flights and maximum comfort leave the reinforcement panels in place. The overall weight is still lighter than most mountain harnesses and the reinforcement panels maximise comfort .


4 sizes will be available, from Small to Extra Large. Currently only the Medium and Large are available. The others are coming soon!

  • size M -180cm
  • size L +180cm

 Weight of the Kruyer

  • Medium: 374g without panels, 502g with panels.
  • Large: 448g without panels, 592g with panels.


  • SaK, reversable and removable bag with airbag, already proven reliable with the Kairn, and adapts to the Kruyer.
  • Kontainer, external parachute container that attaches easily!


EN1651 & 12491

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