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Updated the Thursday 12 May 2016

The Kross, is the perfect bivouac or Hike&Fy competition glider.
It’s the ideal compromise between high performance and accessibility in rough conditions. This balance is necessary during this type of flight, when fatigue makes it necessary to have total confidence in your glider.

  • With a reasonnable aspect ratio of 6.4, the Kross is easy to handle and compact in the air. It has great maneuverability, which makes it easy to climb even in the most disorganised thermals whilstclose to a windy ridge.

The XS size (best under 90kg) has been especially developped for racing, with some additionnal speed capacity. Therefore, it is EN CCC certified, when the others size are EN/LTF C.

Solidity and simplicity are the keywords.
Solidity with a leading edge made of Skytex 32, while the rest of the glider is made of Skytex 27 for lightness.
Simplicity with an inner reinforcement structure that does not required any special folding technique. Simplicity too, with risers made of 12mm webbing, much easier to handle than dyneema risers, that are prone to tangle easily.

The Kross,combined with the Kolibri harness and the Sac Kolibri: the unbeatable performance/weight ratio !

Technical data
Number of cells 71 71 71
Flat surface 21.9 23.7 26.3
Flat aspect ratio 6.4 6.4 6.4
Flat wing span m 11.9 12.3 13
Weight of the glider kg 3.40 3.55 3.85
Total weight in flight kg 70-90 80-95 90-110
Certification (EN/LTF) EN CCC C C


  • Leading edge: Skytex 32 universal, 32g/m2
  • Upper surface: Skytex 27 classic, 27g/m2
  • Lower surface: Skytex 27 classic, 27g/m2
  • Profil Ribs (suspended): Skytex 32 hard, 32g/m2
  • Profil Ribs(unsuspended): Skytex 27 universal, 27g/m2
  • Main lines: Liros PPSL 191 / Edelrid 8000 U-120
  • Upper lines: Edelrid 8000 U-70 / U-50
  • Breal lines: Edelrid 8000 U-50
  • Risers: Aramid 12mm
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