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Kolibri Backpack

Updated the Wednesday 21 January 2015

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Kolibri Backpack


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The Kolibri has been designed for hike & fly and bivouac flight pilots, but one thing was missing : a good carrying backpack.
here comes the Kolibri backpack which is equiped with all the necessary functions for this kind of activity :

  • glider protection bag, dimensionned for the backpack.
  • unique compression system of the glider, which optimize the volume.
  • framed strucure for a better comfort.
  • internal protection against the perspiration.
  • simple zipper, allowing to open part or all the volume.
  • many lateral pockets, accessible while walking.
  • sticks fixing system, free hands (using GPS, mobile phone, etc ...).
  • shoulders pockets, for water.
  • small superior zipped pocket.
  • excellent carrying comfort.
  • rain cover.

 Size and Weight

Volume : 80L
Weight : 800g


Possibility to complete the volume with a top flap of 20L.

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