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Updated the Wednesday 7 January 2015

The new pod, the Kocon, is here.

A more practical design, lighter, better looking, simpler to adjust and covering a wider range of sizes.
The Kocon can now be used with the Kamasutra II as well as the Kanibal II.

This new model doesn’t fit with the old Kamasutra and Kanibal.


For those of you who want to fly with your feet in the warm without the inconvenience of extra weight…. The Kocon from Kortel Design ! ! !
Interchangeable with a standard reserve parachute pocket. With the standard parachute pocket you can waga your way around the dunes of the planet and still have enough room in your baggage to bring home a gift for your mother in law, with the kocon you can take on the thermals at your favourite sites in high performance mode.
A plus for performance addicts…
Because of the particularities of pod harnesses, the Kocon should not be used by everyone and / or in all conditions. (See Denis’ article : A Few Thoughts On Pod Harnesses …)
Can be used with both the Kanibal II and the Kamasutra II
Installation instructions, see technical support.


©Cordura, ©Ripstop / Lined ©Neopren

 Sizes and weight

Exists in 4 sizes S, M, L, XL depending on your harness.
Adjustable in length

Sizes and weight
Pilote height -> 1,65 m 1,63 - 1,75 m 1,74 - 1,87 m 1.87m et +
Weight 2 kg 2.1 kg 2.2 kg 2.4 kg

Note: the Kocon pod replaces the existing rescue pocket of your harness. This means that the total weight of your harness + pod isn’t the weight of the harness plus the pod
For example, the Kamasutra II M weights 5.6 kg, the pod 2.1kg, but the total weight isn’t 5.6+2.1=7.7kg, but 6.6 kg.

 Easy closing system

The Kocon can be closed as soon as you take off. The closing webbing is loose enough to easily allow for you to put your feet in after takeoff. The system is easy to tighten later with just one hand. 

Unlike other automatic systems, this one doesn’t add tension to your legs during the flight.

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