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Kockpit Safe

Updated the Thursday 6 April 2017

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Kockpit Safe is an evolution of Kockpit II, thought to improve the safety of the pilots.
Indeed, every year the deaths are to be regretted because of an forgetting of the belts of thighs. After analysis of the accidents, it turns out that often, this forgetting is due to the presence of one carry instrument masking the view of these belts and letting believe to the pilot that it is attached. There is today various systems “anti-forgetting”.
Kockpit Safeis the first door-instrument which integrates this technology to there reserved for stands, because its system of unique catcher allows to connect one of the waders with 2 main links. From the moment Kockpit Safe is attached, the pilot cannot fall any more of his stand.

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Naturally, its presence does not have to exempt the pilot of making its preflight and of fastening correctly in its stand.

New Kockpit Safe consists of two compartments :

  • An upper space where come to position instruments. A magnetic top flap on this top to protect instruments when the flight is finished.
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  • The lower pocket is of a 3-4 liter volume for a possible small roadbed, or rather a small material equipment : extra gloves, wallets, block cereal, etc. …

Kockpit Safenow comes to anchor autours of the lap belt of your stand, and two ties fixed to links allow to adjust the angle of Kockpit Safe for a better visibility of instruments.
Kockpit Safe was enlarged to receive the new more voluminous instruments.
It is equipped in its top of a junk trapdoor, which could welcome a digital camera or a mobile phone for example.


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 User manual

How to mount the Kockpit Safe


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