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Kockpit Photo

Updated the Monday 25 August 2014

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Kockpit Photo is the first kockpit designed for .
for the amateur paragliders of photo.
It adapts itself on any harness, via a fast connection by serpress buckles.

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  • Divided inside which can welcome a réflex case + 2 objectives.
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  • Possibility of tidying up there also the instruments of flight (vario, etc.).
  • Girth special photo, allowing a big amplitude of shooting.
  • Closure completes by zip, or “fast” closure by 2 magnets.
  • Special pocket of arrangement of the case on the top of Kockpit, for an easy and fast access in any circumstances. Belt of locking in case of turbulences.
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  • Wide surface of Velcro for instruments.
  • It is also transformed into bag photo shoulder strap for after flight.
  • The access to the case is possible at any time by pivoting on the breast and side access.
  • The belts of the bag shoulder strap line up under the kockpit during the use in the air.
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