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Updated the Tuesday 3 January 2012

“Fly serene”

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This harness was developed for optimal confort in positions ranging from upright to semi-inclined. It is a worthy derivative of its big brother the Kamasutra.
Particular attention was paid to the ergonomics in order to create perfect contact between the harness and the pilot’s back whilst avoiding the use of an overly rigid structure. The result is an extremely comfortable but light harness that perfectly follows the pilots movements.
It uses the two buckle “V” architecture with an integrated non-forgettable clip-in system and adjustable roll dampening of large amplitude.


All adjustments are accessible in the air.
Roll damping independent of chest strap setting and adjustable in flight.
Independent pocket for a water bottle and/or radio in the back pocket.
Two external side pockets.
Direct access from the back pocket to the shoulder for a drink delivery tube and/or radio microphone cable.


‘Securit’ parachute handle: compensates to a certain extent an incorrect placement of the reserve parachute.
Parachute positioned under the thighs, handle on the right.
Mousse bag available: Double compartment, 17cm, DHV certified.
The serial number and the size are under the right safety riser cover on the right shoulder.

 Installation and Adjustment

Reserve parachute installation and adjustment: see technical support.


3 sizes available:

  • less than 165cm, size S
  • from 164cm to 180cm, size M
  • from 178cm to 192cm, size L


The weights are given with all the accessories included: back protector, carabineers, speed bar, foot stirrup, rescue risers, rescue handle

  • S : 5.2 kg
  • M : 5.3 kg
  • L : 5.4 kg


The Karma is delivered with:

  • 2 step speed bar
  • 17cm back protector
  • rescue handle
  • rescue bridles
  • quick link


Optional foot stirrup adjustable in the air, which can be used to help turn the glider.


EN 1651&12491

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