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Kanibal Race: setting up the harness

Updated the Monday 16 November 2009

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How to set up your Kanibal Race:

 Comfort setting

  • Open all the trim straps, lumber, back angle, shoulders, waist strap and foot stirrup.
  • On a harness rig sit in your harness
  • Adjust all the tension of the lombar and back angle triming, until you feel ok.
  • Close the waist strap and upper horizontal shoulder strap.
  • Adjust the shoulder straps so there is just a little tension on your shoulders, but no tighter.
  • Set up the length of the pod so you have comfortable leg tension/support.
  • Adjust the angle of the foot plate thanks to the upper or lower belt of the pod.
  • Set up the angle of the seat plate.
  • Set up the lenght of your speed bar. Danger if too short !

 Stability triming

To set the weight shift stability of your Kanibal Race, you have to think differently than usual. There’s no need to play with your waist strap: the distant between the riser hang points should be set to your glider specification or higher, and should not be over tightened increasing the risk of twisted risers in the case of a spin!
To set up the stability of your Kanibal Race, you have to play with the lenght of the main webbing. If your harness seems to be too stable, shorten it. If too unstable, then lenghten it.
This adjustment isn’t possible in flight. Furtehrmore, it’s very sensible, so change it cm by cm.
For each cm you change it, think to do the same with the lumber setting.

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