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Kamasutra II

Updated the Thursday 4 April 2013

“Comfortable Cruiser”

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The Kamasutra II takes over from the famous Kamasutra. At first sight you may only notice small aesthetic changes; but subtle changes in the architecture have also improved the ergonomics and comfort.
This harness allows the pilot to fly in all positions with no adjustments required to change from one position to another.
The KARVE System, a unique system of load distribution by sliding straps, makes this result possible.
The factory settings are ideal and the contact of the harness with the back is perfect, resulting in an exceptional level of comfort in all positions.
For those that prefer a seated position, a limiting strap allows the pilot to lock the position of the harness at any time and to return to a standard setting. Two buckle “V” clip in, with integrated non-forgettable clip-in system and adjustable roll damping in flight is standard.


Roll damping independent of chest strap setting and adjustable in flight.
Independent pocket for a water bottle and/or radio in the back pocket. Two external side pockets, plus a radio pocket.
Direct access from the back pocket to the shoulder for a drink delivery tube and/or radio microphone cable.
Foot stirrup adjustable in the air, can be used to help turn the glider.
Accelerator connected to the foot stirrup by an elastic cord allowing it to be brought into action quickly without using hands.
There is now a quick release system that releases the foot stirrup when the rescue is thrown away:
Here is how to set it up:


Reserve parachute pocket under the seat; handle on the right.
Mousse bag: Segmented, 17cm
The serial number and the size are in the rear pocket.

 Installation and Adjustment

Reserve parachute installation and adjustment: see technical support


5 Sizes Available

  • Less than 1m55, size XS
  • Up to 1m68, size S
  • Up to 1m83, size M
  • Up to 1m95, size L
  • More than 1m95, size XL


The weights are given with all the accessories included: back protector, carabineers, speed bar, foot stirrup, rescue risers, rescue handle.

  • XS : 5.4 kg
  • S : 5.5 kg
  • M : 5.6 kg
  • L : 5.7 kg
  • XL : 6.0 kg


The Kamasutra II is delivered with:

  • foot stirrup
  • 2 step speed bar
  • 14cm back protector
  • rescue handle
  • rescue risers
  • stainless steel quicklinks


a pod, called Kocon can be adapted in option. This features improves the performance, but mainly the comfort in flight.


EN 1651&12491
LTF with a 17cm back protector

 Technical Support

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