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Updated the Monday 28 October 2013

“No sacrifice”

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The Kairn is Kortel Design’s response to the mountain harness concept.
Our first prototypes were light, very light, comparable with models already on the market. And then we went flying with them….
Then we tried equivalent products.
Ouch! Do people really fly with these? Really fly?
Because it wouldn’t occur to us to do so.
So we decided to produce a harness, not quite as light perhaps, but oh so much more comfortable.
The Kairn, 750g, also made for flying.
Serial number and size are situated on the pilot backpack.


2 sizes are :

  • up to 180cm, size M
  • 180cm and above , size L


  • size M : 750g
  • size L : 790g


The SaK, a removable, reversible bag/airbag



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