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Ajustable triple bar Accelerator

Updated the Friday 26 June 2009

Ajustable 3 stage accelerator bar

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Kortel Design has developed this 3 stage adjustable accelerator bar for competition pilots.

Weight: 90g

Thanks to the adjustable flexible bars, pilots are able to finely tune the required speed range according their leg length, allowing more relaxed flights at speed.

The 3 stage accelerator bar is supplied with ample cord to attach the accelerator bar to risers without the use of split connector links/brummel hooks, as such links often limit the amount of accelerator travel available. See diagram below!

Fitting: It is necessary to remove all exisiting accelerator cord from the risers replacing it with the new cord that will in turn give continuous and uninterrupted travel of the 3 stage accelerator bar.

This accelarator was designed to be used with a pod. And that’s with one foot. When using a pod, one leg remains in a straight position to maintain the shape of the pod, whilst the other operates the accelarator. This is why a soft accelarator is used and not a rigid bar. It is difficult to correctly place the foot on a rigid bar, whereas with a soft one the foot will always be automatically centered.

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If the risers have two sets of accelerator lines we recommend the removal of both split connector links/brummel hooks on each riser and tie the new accelerator cord to both lines. See diagram below ! This should give around 4 cms more travel.

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The adjustable 3 stage accelerator bar is supplied as standard with the Kanibal Race.

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