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A Few Thoughts On Pod Harnesses

Updated the Monday 14 November 2011

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Unfortunately in life you never get anything for nothing ; when you improve something from one point of view you lose out from another…
Our activity is no exception to this rule.
Pod harnesses seem to give a significant improvement in performance but unfortunately not without some adverse effects on inherent safety….

 The advantages

  • Warmth and comfort in flight
  • Improved aerodynamics
  • They look great !


  • Cumbersome
  • Modification of the aerodynamic equilibrium of the wing and it’s pilot… … and thus a modification of the system’s behaviour particularly during in flight incidents.
  • Awkward at take off and landing.

We are all capable of making our own decisions, nontheless it would be interesting to look at the crucial issue of in flight incident cascades.

Should we envisage changing the way we pilot our wing in certain situations ?
The slightest lateral airflow on the pod creates yaw on the pilot…. combined with bad management of an in flight incident this can easily lead to the pilot being twisted.
The airflow along the pod during an incident or a cascade of incidents will thus act on the pod like a lateral gust of wind.

The specific pilot inputs required are still ill-defined, but we can be sure that in certain situations it is preferable to dive to the side of the closure for the first quarter rotation rather than to counter the turn, in order to avoid twisting ! ! ! !

The first reflex should be to bend your knees and pull in your legs in order to reduce the influence of the pod on the pilot’s yaw.

Don’t forget to get you feet out of the pod before landing !
If you have the slightest doubt about your ablilities to master flying with a pod, stick to a conventional harness ! !

Denis Cortella

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