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    Concept 1000km race across north Chile with François Ragolski and Martin Schricke
    Two pilots will embark on an epic adventure: “The Chilean paragliding line”. They’ll cover 1,000km in their bid to hike and fly across the worlds driest desert.  (...)
  • Xrockies : 3000kms trough the Rocky Mountains

    The world’s first unmotorized cross of the Rocky Mountains : here is the purpose of the X-Rockies project. Paragliding and ski touring will be our unique tools to croos the 3000km chain during 4 months.
    Thomas Punty Age : 24 Size : 1,80m  (...)
  • Olivier Peyre’s project: Fly’n’Roll

    Olivier Peyre went for a trip around the world. His means of transport: bicycle, boat, and paragliding.
    He’s currently flying a proto of lighter Kruyer harness combined the SaK-Airbag, for its excellent comfort-solidity/weight rate.
    More infos  (...)
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