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  • Krisis Ultra Light

    With the Krisis Ultra Light Kortel Design offers a parachute that is as light and compact as possible. The perfect reserve that you will forget is in your harness.
    EN 12491 certification guarantees resistance to load testing (minimum and  (...)
  • Krisis Ultra Light tandem

    With the Krisis Ultra Light Tandem Kortel Design offers one of the lightest and most compact tandem reserve parachutes on the market. It is also one of the first tandem parachutes to meet all the requirements of the EN standard, ie sink  (...)
  • Krisis Rogallo II

    The Krisis Rogallo II completes our range of light technical reserve parachutes.
    Until now Rogallo parachutes have always been heavy and bulky and the fact that they glide immediately after opening limited, in our opinion, their suitability for  (...)
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