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  • Kruyer II

    “Lightness !”
    The Kruyer II is the new light harness of Kortel Design. Compared with the first Kruyer, we had two main goal : being lighter and more comfortable.
    The gain was obtained thanks to the use of even more high-tech  (...)
  • Karver II

    “Versality and lightness”
    The Karver II goes on with the concept of harness without shoulders inaugurated with the Karver. This concept has widely proved its potential in term of comfort, safety and handling. The Karver II  (...)
  • Kuik II

    “The All in One Koncept”
    The only things that the Kuik II has in common with the first Kuik are its name and its innovative nature.
    At the time the Kuik I was the first split leg harness that was not made exclusively for mountain flying.  (...)
  • Karma II

    “Fly serene”
    The Karma II was designed to respond to remarks concerning the Karma, namely that the weight and bulk were too high.
    The Karma II meets these demands without sacrificing safety, quite the contrary. The simple  (...)
  • Kool

    The Kool has been designed in collaboration with paragliding teachers. The design has been optimized the use in school, but it will be perfectly adapted to make its first XC flights. The rescue container is integrated  (...)
  • Kolibri

    The Kolibri is our lightweight harness for hike and fly competitions or bivouac flights.
    The result of three years of reflection on the activity, it is characterized by several major innovations:
    Dyneema Structure  (...)
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