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  • Kocon

    The new pod, the Kocon, is here. A more practical design, lighter, better looking, simpler to adjust and covering a wider range of sizes.
    The Kocon can now be used with the Kamasutra II as well as the Kanibal II.
    This new model doesn’t fit  (...)
  • SaK

    “Total versatility”
    The SaK is a reversible bag/airbag that you can fit on both Kairn and Kruyer harness.
    The combo Kairn-SaK allows a total versatility. If ever you put a front mounted reserve, all kind of flights becomes  (...)
  • Kontainer

    The Kontainer allows secure installation of the parachute in a vertical position that will attach to any harness.
    The Kontainer has two sets of attachments. One set for attaching to the karabiners and the other set attaching to the  (...)
  • ratchet block pulleys/speed bar lines kit

    With the continuing evolution of performance wings cross country and competition pilots accelerate more and more often during transitions.
    What’s more, for a greater degree of precision and in order to facilitate the transfer from one bar to  (...)
  • Tandem Bag

    Tandem Bag
    Allows the wing to be stored bunched up, the bag being closed by three drawstrings (with plastic fasteners).
    The capacity of the bag is sufficient for the storage of a tandem wing, the pilot’s harness and reserve  (...)
  • Kockpit instrument holder

    The Kockpit Instrument Holder is made up of two sections :
    a protected instrument bay with a transparent pocket and a zipped pocket in the cover for storing pens and notes that need to be visible in-flight.
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